Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are shipping times?

Your products will usually ship within 5-8 days of your order being placed, and then take another 5-10 days to reach your doorstep. Each item at Aurora Activewear has an estimated delivery time of 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS but these times will vary from time to time. 

2. Can I change my size after my order has been placed?

Unfortunately we do not change sizes after an order has been placed as orders are picked and packed immediately after an order being placed. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN OUR TEAM CHANGE YOUR SIZES  

3. Why is my tracking number not working?

Tracking numbers will start to work within 5 DAYS of us sending your tracking code to you via email. This timeframe may be longer from time to time. The reason your tracking number may not be working is due to the fact that tracking numbers update and begin working when your order reaches certain checkpoints on it’s journey to your front door. When your order reaches the first checkpoint and is scanned it will begin to work and the tracking process will be available to you.

4. Has my order been shipped yet?

Here at Aurora Activewear we aim to pick and pack all orders the same day. After we have picked and packed your order it will then be transported to our waiting for shipment bay where a shipping company will pick it up for shipment within 5-8 days approximately. If you have just recently placed an order it's highly unlikely that your order has been shipped. Usually our orders are shipped within 5-8 days. Once it has been picked up by a courier company they will upload your tracking number to our system and we will automatically forward this tracking number directly to the email we have on file.

5. Why didn’t I receive an order confirmation?

Please make sure you check all folders in your inbox including the junk and spam folders. We understand these days we receive hundreds if not thousands of emails per day. If you still cannot find your confirmation email please do one last check by searching the email address that would have sent your order confirmation which will be

If you still are having zero luck finding your order confirmation don’t worry, simply reach out to us via our help centre as this means you’ve accidentally provided the incorrect email during checkout. 

6. Why is your activewear so cheap?

We are a Sydney, Australian based company who ships orders directly from our warehouse in China. By eliminating the expensive storage and high Australian  warehousing cost we are able to pass these savings onto you. 

7. Where are my items shipped from?

We are a Sydney, Australian based company as mentioned in the above answer. We ship orders directly from our warehouse in China. By eliminating the expensive storage and high Australian warehousing fees we are able to pass these savings onto you and provide high quality products for a very good price.

8. How do I get in contact with you ?

Our customer service team is available from 9 am to 5 pm AEST. 

Please click here to get in touch

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